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The programs address all the aspects that make up an integrative and open vision that also includes tradition. They facilitate a practical perspective whose objective is to enhance the capabilities and experiences of the students.
The International School of Yoga is an institution open to evolution and to the future; it integrates the best of the tradition of Yoga with the new ways of knowledge and the different forms of practice that are being addressed in today’s society.
Complement your training to become a Specialized Instructor in specific areasSpecialized Instructor in Restorative Yoga – 100hThis course offers tools and resources to develop sessions for people with stress, pain and functional limitations.
Specialized Instructor in Yoga in Education – 100hThis course offers the necessary pedagogy to transmit, from childhood to adolescence, the tools and resources that Yoga and Meditation bring to development and growth.
Individual TutoringThe student receives constant attention from a Personal Tutor. He/she has a specialized follow-up that helps him/her to deepen in the contents of the course as well as in his/her personal practice and in his/her pedagogical processAdvanced and conciliatory technologyAccess to the contents is done in a very close and easy to use Virtual Campus.

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Yoga classes in “Essence”, for all types of people regardless of age or physical condition, working physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually … consciously and meditatively, connecting with … our ESSENCE.
The practice of Yoga is for everyone, also for people with physical limitations, knee problems, who get tired standing up… Sitting down do your practice and enjoy the kind and conscious experience in your body.
Advanced Yoga Class08.00Advanced Yoga ClassMore intenseGuided Meditation with Mantras08.00Guided Meditation with MantrasPeace and SilenceYoga + Pranayama + Meditation + Mantras08.00Yoga + Pranayama + Meditation + MantrasFrom Doing to Being
Advanced Yoga Class08.00Advanced Yoga ClassMore intenseGuided meditation with Mantras08.00Guided meditation with MantrasPeace and SilenceYoga + Pranayama + Meditation + Mantras08.00Yoga + Pranayama + Meditation + MantrasFrom Doing to Being

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My professional situation has me more time at home. Thanks to ACTIVA YOGA I have been able to make my breaks for relaxation, stretching and personal yoga practice with such a good video filtering tool that adapts to my time and goals. I recommend it 100%.
Excellent professionals with extensive experience. Personalized treatment. Genuine concern for the well being of the student. A wonderful product that makes the experience and practice are optimal. A great online school highly recommended.

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Easy payment monthly planEasy payment quarterly planEasy payment semester plan!online plansEasy payment individual classEasy payment ticket 5 classesEasy payment ticket 10 classesFREE PLAN!And finally we are back in person.
The hardest part is coming, because in order to support all this time, support students who had complications and maintain the place, we lost all our reserves, so if you want to contribute voluntarily to help put the school back on its feet, you can do it here. Any contribution will help us a lot. Those who contribute will also receive something from the school.