Hapkido albacete

Hapkido albacete


The martial arts center HAPKIDO ALBACETE with address GIMNASIO ENERGY ( HAPKIDO, Paseo Circunvalación, 103, 02003 Albacete located in the town of Albacete with zip code 2003 different sports activities are carried out in the marked schedules.Practice contact sports, intense activities with martial arts that will improve your general fitness, reaction capacity and respect for the opponent Albacete The martial arts center HAPKIDO ALBACETE
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Hapkido championship 2016

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Hapkido sword form

I am convinced that every body, with the help of a trained mind and focused breathing, can do wonderful things, even if you have never practiced yoga before, and that is why my in-person classes are focused on making our body stronger and more flexible, progressively integrating postures that require physical strength such as arm balances and inversions. The goal is to feel more agile and, through conscious body work, to reach higher mental and vibrational states, reaching relaxation and the acclaimed inner peace.
For example, you can buy a 1 month voucher booked on September 21. You would have until October 20 to spend the 6 classes. Each week you choose the classes you want to attend and book through the app. One week you can go on Tuesday at 7pm, the other week Tuesday and Thursday at 8.15pm and maybe the following week you can’t attend…as you haven’t booked, you don’t lose the class!  And if you have booked and want to cancel you can do it for free with 8 hours notice. If you do it with less than 8 hours you lose the class (although I can send you some of my online classes from the Patreon online school, you just have to ask for it) This way you can manage your vouchers and organize your classes in a way that doesn’t coincide with work, vacations or other commitments. What a convenience!

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El Hapkido emplea técnicas de lucha de largo y corto alcance, utilizando patadas con salto y golpes de mano con percusión a largo alcance, y golpes con puntos de presión, bloqueos de articulaciones y lanzamientos a distancias de lucha más cercanas. El hapkido hace hincapié en el movimiento circular, la redirección de la fuerza y el control del adversario. Los practicantes buscan ganar ventaja sobre sus oponentes a través del juego de pies y la posición del cuerpo para incorporar el uso de la palanca, evitando el uso de la fuerza bruta contra la fuerza bruta.
Hapkido se traduce como “합기도” en el sistema de escritura nativo coreano conocido como hangul, la escritura más utilizada en la Corea moderna. Sin embargo, el nombre del arte también puede escribirse “合氣道” utilizando los mismos caracteres chinos tradicionales que se utilizaban para referirse al arte marcial japonés del aikido en el periodo anterior a 1946. La preferencia actual en Japón es el uso de un segundo carácter moderno simplificado, sustituyendo el carácter anterior, más complejo, por 気.